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Subscriptions & Access

How much does the Program cost?

A 6 month subscription to the Program costs AU$85.00 (inc. GST). Subscribers have unlimited access to all 56 video lessons and 14 downloadable resources. Subscribers can also add one extra person to the account as a partner.

To purchase a subscription click here

Do I have to download or install any software?

The About Birth Online Childbirth Education Program is completely web-based, so there is no need to install any special software to use it. The Program can be accessed with any desktop or mobile device that has an internet connection and web browser.

There are certain basic browser requirements for the Program's content to display properly. To test your current desktop computer or mobile device for performance please
click here

Are subscriptions refundable?

We do not offer refunds or transfers of membership after purchase.

How long does a subscription last?

An About Birth Online Education Program subscription is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. During this time you (and your partner) have unlimited access to all program content.

The same applies to subscriptions bought as gifts.

Can I renew or extend my subscription after 6 months?

Yes you can. We offer a 1 month access extension for a single payment of AU$20.00. This can be purchased any time during your initial subscription period, and the extension will be added to any remaining time on your subscription. You can purchase extensions as many times as you need.

You must be logged in to your user account to purchase an Access Extension.

How do I purchase as a gift?

The About Birth Online Childbirth Education Program is an excellent gift for expectant mothers and their partners. To purchase as a gift just follow these directions:

1. Start the purchase process by
clicking here
2. Select "I am buying as a gift" as your Purchase Type
3. Complete the purchase process

Once payment has been completed you will need to provide an email address of the person receiving the gift so we can send their account details to them.

Please note that the 6 month access period starts from the date of purchase.

How do I pay for a subscription?

We accept MasterCard and Visa credit card payments only. For the safety and security of your information we use a secure payment gateway. For more information about the security of your information please read our Privacy Policy (version 2).

Is my information safe?

Your privacy and security of information is our priority. Our payment system and subscription area is protected by 256-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. To read more about information security please read our Privacy Policy (version 2).

Program Content

Will the program provide me with the information I need or do I still need to do other 'face to face' classes?

The About Birth Online Birth Education Program's thorough range of content includes topics covered by face-to-face antenatal courses and hospital classes. Its six learning modules will provide you and your partner with knowledge, skills and tools to feel prepared and confident approaching the birth experience. The Program is comprehensive enough to be used as your primary source of childbirth knowledge, but will be complemented by other sources of information that you choose to find independently.

The major difference that About Birth offers is convenience. Instead of competing for places in hospital classes or giving up weekends for face-to-face courses, you can take the learning journey where and when it suits you and your partner.

Why Learn Online?

The About Birth Program isn't just a collection of written content transcribed onto a website, it's an engaging, interactive learning tool designed specifically for online and mobile device use. Here are some of the great features of learning online with the About Birth Program:

Convenience and Flexibility:
The key benefit of learning online is flexibility; life is busy so trying to fit into scheduled classes can be difficult and creates unnecessary stress. With About Birth you will be able to work through the program together with your partner or individually, at home, at work, travelling or even while on your baby moon!

Watch, Discuss, Revise:
Pause a lesson at anytime to discuss key points and talk through topics that are most important to you. Unlimited access to the Program's content means you can revisit any lesson anytime.

Active Learning with My Notes:
The Program's integrated note-making feature allows you to write notes for yourself, which can also be shared with your partner.

We take you step by step through creating a birth plan, both of these can be printed and kept as a personalised resource.

What topics are covered in the Program's Learning Modules?

Each learning modules covers a physical, emotional or psychological aspect of pregnancy and birth. Here is a short summary of each Learning Module's content:

Module 1 - The Birth Process
Various Stages of Labour; Physical Processes; What to Do; Support During Labour.

Module 2 - Creating a Positive Birth Experience
Hormones in Labour; Safety, Support & Knowledge; Dealing with Fears; Birth Planning.

Module 3 - Practical Tools and Tips
Foetal Positions; Positions in Labour; Breathing; Relaxation; TENS; Visualisation & Affirmations.

Module 4 - When Things Don't Go According to Plan
Medical Interventions; Induction; Assisted Delivery; Caesarean Section; Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC); Medical Pain Relief; Anaesthetics; Dealing with Interventions; BRAN.

Module 5 - Baby's Arrived - now what?
Postnatal Emotions; Breastfeeding; The First Few Days After Birth; Vaccinations; Early Parenthood.

Module 6 - Looking For More
Practitioner Interviews; Birth Stories; Further Reading.

At what stage of my pregnancy should I start the program?

Our online program can be of benefit at any stage of your pregnancy whether you are in the first, second or third trimester there is a wealth of information that can help you prepare for your birth experience. Even towards the end of your pregnancy the program can be an easy and accessible way to reiterate your birth preparation and give you some last minute inspiration.

Technical Issues

Will the Program work on my desktop computer/tablet/smartphone?

There are certain basic browser requirements for the Program's content to display properly. To test your current desktop computer or mobile device for performance please click here.

I've forgotten my password and/or username

Your login username is the email address that was used to purchase your subscription or unique account name. Both of these can be found in the confirmation email sent to you after initial account setup.

You can reset your password at any time by providing the email address associated with your user account.
Click here to reset your password.

How do I update my personal information?

For security we protect your personal information in the members area. You must be logged in to your About Birth member account to view and edit your personal information. To update your User Details please follow these steps:

1. Login to your About Birth member account.
2. Click on the user icon with your name in the top right hand corner.
3. Select User Details.
4. Edit the required information.
5. Click Update to save your changes.


I've bought or received a subscription but haven't received any emails or account information

All correspondence from About Birth Online will be sent to the email address that was used during sign up and purchase. If you have multiple email addresses please make sure you have checked the correct account.

Your email account may be automatically filtering emails from About Birth Online as spam or promotion material.

1. Open the email account
2. Search for any items from member@aboutbirth.com.au
3. Remove any spam filters from this address
4. Move any emails from About Birth Online to your Inbox

If you cannot find any emails from About Birth Online please click here.

Video content looks low-quality or fuzzy

Videos are streamed in Standard Quality by default to reduce loading times and ensure that viewing is not disrupted. To view video content in High-Definition (HD) quality on a desktop computer:

1. Open an About Birth Online Video
2. Play the video
2. Hover over the video to see the control bar
3. Click on the HD icon located to the right of the video progress bar
4. Your HD setting will be saved as a default for all video playback until you turn it off

Please note: streaming in HD requires a reliable broadband internet connection and will affect any download limit on your internet account more than streaming in Standard Quality.

I am having issues with video playback e.g. videos are not loading properly

There are certain basic browser requirements for the About Birth's content to display properly, please test your current desktop computer or mobile device for performance please click here.

If your system is inline with the basic requirements and you continue to experience video playback issues please
contact About Birth Online here.

I have an issue not listed in the FAQ

To contact About Birth Online with your query please click here.

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