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An online birth education program with knowledge and advice from midwives, obstreticians, doulas, childbirth educators and healthcare professionals.

A comprehensive, six-part antenatal program brought to you by childbirth educators, healthcare professionals and real-life parents.

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Birth Learning Modules

Each of the About Birth Program's six learning modules cover a physical, emotional or psychological aspect of pregnancy and birth. Factual information is presented alongside real-life stories and practical ideas, allowing users to gain an informed, well-rounded attitude to their birth journey.






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The Birth Process

Module 1

Explore the stages of Labour and look at what happens inside your body throughout the birth process; what signs you should look out for and when you should go to the hospital.

  • Pre-Labour
  • Early First Stage Labour
  • Active Labour
  • Transition
  • Second Stage Labour
  • Third Stage Labour


Creating a Positive Birth Experience

Module 2

Understand how the body responds to external influences and learn techniques that help you stay calm during birth.

  • Hormones in Labour
  • How to Feel Safe in Labour
  • The Benefits of Support
  • How to Explore Fears and Concerns
  • Writing a Birth Plan


Practical Tools and Tips

Module 3

Learn how to work with your body, ways your partner can support you physically and mentally. Download the relaxation and birth visualisation resources.

  • Optimal Positioning for Baby
  • Best Positions for Birth
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Massage for Labour
  • Relaxation Techniques


When Things Don't Go According to Plan

Module 4

Review medical interventions – what they are and how they can be used during labour – including Drugs, Assisted Deliveries and Caesarean Sections.

  • Types of Medical Intervention
  • Induction
  • Assisted Delivery
  • Caesarean Section
  • Medical Pain Relief
  • The ‘Cascade of Intervention’


Baby's Arrived - Now What?

Module 5

Find out what to expect during the first few days, how your body changes and going home with your baby.

  • The First Few Hours
  • Breastfeeding
  • The First Week After Birth
  • The Transition Into Parenthood
  • The Best Tips from Parents of Newborns


Looking for More

Module 6

Hear from health professionals on their best tips for positive birth, parents sharing their real-life birth stories and answer the most common questions around birth.

  • Advice from Health Professionals
  • The Practicalities of Birth
  • Special Advice for Dads and Partners
  • Real Birth Stories


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