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An online birth education program with knowledge and advice from midwives, obstreticians, doulas, childbirth educators and healthcare professionals.

A comprehensive, six-part antenatal course brought to you by childbirth educators, healthcare professionals and real-life parents.

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The Learning Modules

Each of the Program's six learning modules covers a physical, emotional or psychological aspect of pregnancy and birth. Factual information is presented alongside real-life stories and practical ideas, allowing users to gain an informed, well-rounded attitude to their birth journey.

The Birth Process

See inside the body with a birth animation and take an in depth look at the stages of labour and ways to cope.

Module 1

8 Videos / 22 Minutes

1 resource downloads

Module 1 The Birth Process

Creating a Positive Birth Experience

Understand how your hormones, support people and fears all have a part to play in birth. How to set up a positive birth environment and recommendations for a birth plan.

Module 2

5 Videos / 25 Minutes

2 resource downloads

Module 2 Creating a Positive Birth Experience

Practical Tools and Tips

Learn how to work with your body. Positions, Breathing techniques, massage, relaxations.

Module 3

5 Videos / 22 Minutes

3 resource downloads

Module 3 Practical Tools and Tips

When Things Don't Go According to Plan

What happens when my birth takes a different path? Induction, monitoring, medical pain relief, assisted birth, Caesarean Section and ways to navigate the system.

Module 4

6 Videos / 33 Minutes

2 resource downloads

Module 4 When Things Don't Go According to Plan

Baby's Arrived - Now What?

Learn all about the first few days with your baby. Bodily changes, breastfeeding, coming home,transitioning into parenting.

Module 5

5 Videos / 36 Minutes

3 resource downloads

Module 5 Baby's Arrived - Now What?

Looking for More

Hear from Health Professionals on their best tips for positive birth and parenting. More birth stories, most common questions asked and Top Tips for Dads.

Module 6

21 Videos / 131 Minutes

3 resource downloads

Module 6 Looking for More

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The Program has brought together healthcare professionals, childbirth educators and real-life parents to give you a complete view of the birth journey.

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