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Meet Jules Brooks-Milner and Lael Stone, Doulas and Childbirth Educators and the women behind the vision to creating positive births.

Childbirth Educators

Meet the two women behind About Birth's program and vision – Counsellors, Doulas and Mothers.

Jules Brooks-Milner

With an extensive background in tertiary education training and over a decade of experience as a Birth Attendant/Doula, Jules is a rich source of teaching expertise and real-life wisdom. A certified Calmbirth Instructor, Jules specialises in teaching couples how to work with their bodies, and how to achieve positive birth experiences no matter what the outcome. Jules is mother to three wonderful children, her commitment to childbirth education was and continues to be inspired by her family and personal motherhood journey.

Lael Stone

Lael is a proud mother of three children who has worked as a Birth Attendant/Doula and certified Calmbirth Instructor since 2004. From a background in wellbeing, counselling and research, Lael was compelled into the field of childbirth education by her own birth experiences. It has been her privilege over the years to witness and partner many couples achieving satisfying births. Lael has interviewed and collected birth experience data from hundreds of Australian women throughout her career. This data provided insight and motivation to develop the About Birth Online Education Program.

Expert Childbirth Contributors

The Program's content has been prepared with the help of experienced childbirth and prenatal consultants including doctors, midwives, lactation consultants, therapists and other healthcare professionals. Meet some of our expert contributors:

>Dr. Peter Lucas

Dr. Peter Lucas

Practicing GP with over 35 years experience in antenatal care and birth attendance.

>Jan Ireland

Jan Ireland

Private midwife of 25 years; consultant in pre- and postnatal care and director of Midwives & Mothers Australia (MAMA).

>Dr. Guy Skinner

Dr. Guy Skinner

Practicing private OBGYN; special experience with high-risk pregnancies. Former Senior Consultant Obstetrician at The Royal Women's Hospital Victoria.

>Catina Adams

Catina Adams

Midwife and Maternal Child Health Nurse of 10 years, and mother of five children.

>Gabi Eckereder

Gabi Eckereder

Registerd Australian Midwife and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant® (IBCLC®).

>Jennifer Price

Jennifer Price

20 years of practice in traditional medicine and acupuncture, holds a Masters in Chinese Herbal Medicine.

>Dr. Clare Gordon

Dr. Clare Gordon

Qualified, registered osteopath; head practitioner and owner of Liforce Osteopathy.

>Kelly Langford

Kelly Langford

Private practicing midwife, co-founder of Mothers & Midwives Australia (MAMA). Formerly at The Royal Women's Hospital.

>Dr. Melanie Strang

Melanie Strang

Specialist counsellor to new and expectant parents with previous experience as a doctor in psychiatric health and general medical practice.

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