System Check

The following information is provided for you to assess the capabilities of your desktop computer or mobile device for compatibility with the About Birth Program.

1. Basic Requirements

The About Birth Program has been developed specifically for online use. To experience the Program and its features at the optimal level, we recommend the following user environment:


Latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari.

Internet Connection

Steady broadband internet connection and/or Wi-Fi or 3G capable mobile device.

Network Settings

Network and/or firewall permission to allow streaming of video content from Vimeo.

Technical Details:

The About Birth Program has been developed using HTML5, Javascript, jQuery and other magical fairy technology - which might not make sense to you, but has the potential to not work if you have an outdated computer.

2. Viewing Video

About Birth uses Vimeo to deliver its video content. Play the test video below to see if your system and/or network will allow viewing videos from Vimeo.

Test video delivery by playing the above sample

3. Reading Text

Please compare the two text samples below to see if your browser is rendering About Birth's typefaces correctly.

Sample Text Image
Sample Text
Browser-Generated Text


If both samples look the same:

Your browser is working correctly.

If you can read Browser-Generated Text but it looks different from the Sample Text Image:

You will still be able to use the Program.

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