Top Tips - The Effect of Laughter During Labour
How laughter and humour can create the right mood for a calm birth

The Effect of Laughter During Labour


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How laughter and humour can create the right mood for a calm birth

For a lot of people, laughing in labour is the last thing they might think of! And quite rightly so because we are constantly fed images and videos of women in intense pain and distress during labour. But the birth process involves many different phases and bringing some love and joy to the experience is just as important as the physical hard work and persistence.

Birth doesn't always have to be serious or quiet and laughter can bring a beautiful balance to the birth. Laughter relaxes everyone and helps normalise the experience, and physiologically our hormones actually love it. The more joy you feel the more oxytocin you make, and that oxytocin helps your body contract, helps you feel loved up, and allows you to relax and let birth unfold.

We often suggest that partners bring their "funny selves" to the birth because if mum can have a little chuckle it can go a long way to alleviate fear and create a relaxed atmosphere. Of course, there are times when humour isn't appropriate but in early labour there's lot of opportunity for laughter or some dancing and certainly lots of excitement as your baby starts its journey to being born.

So partners, don't be afraid to crack some jokes, and sure some of it may fall flat (trust us, the birthing woman will let you know quick smart if it isn't funny!), but otherwise you'll be adding to a wonderful birth story!

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