Program Teasers - Looking For More (Advice from Health Professional – Midwife, Jan Ireland)
Working as a team

Looking For More (Advice from Health Professional – Midwife, Jan Ireland)


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Working as a team

We love what Jan Ireland, midwife extraordinare, has to say about what helps couples work well together during labour.

Without a doubt, understanding a woman's desires and wants for the birth go along way. Does she want to birth naturally? Is she open to having drugs? Does she want constant touch or massage or would she like to be left alone? 

When a partner can tune into the labouring woman they can meet her needs, and this support can make a woman feel loved and cared for, which helps with the big task of birthing a baby.

Lots of communication beforehand and getting educated together can help you both get clear on what you want and what you may need to ask for. If a partner is educated on what is normal in birth it can also ease their fears and worries, so they can hold a calm space for the birthing woman.

Birth is a team effort. We encourage partners to get involved and learn as much as you can so you can be an active participant in bringing your baby into the world.

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