Program Teasers - Baby's Arrived - Now What? (Transition into Parenthood)
Navigating the first days, weeks and months

Baby's Arrived - Now What? (Transition into Parenthood)


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Navigating the first days, weeks and months

One of the best ways to manage life with a baby is prioritising self-care. One of the main factors that contribute to pre- and postnatal depression is not looking after yourself and asking for support. Taking care of your needs will allow you to take care of your babies needs and sometimes we need to call in extra help to manage this.

Along with open communication about how you are feeling, take the time to exercise, relax, catch up with friends, eat well and have a little bit of alone time. All of these steps contribute to good mental health and equip you with meeting the needs of your baby.

Reaching out for help from a professional organisation such as PANDA or a GP or therapist can assist you in finding some balance and support so you can enjoy your time as a parent.

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