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Creating a Positive Birth Experience (Support)

Support in Labour is pivotal


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Creating a Positive Birth Experience (Support)

There are many benefits to having more professional support such as a private Midwife or Doula. Professional birth support is for both the birthing woman and her partner. You develop a relationship during the pregnancy where your support person gains an understanding of what is important to you for your birth.
During the labour, you will have the benefit of an experienced person, who you know and trust to support you through the process and is there to help uphold your birth wishes. Here are some statistics that show that with the guidance of a private Midwife or Doula you can have improved birth outcomes.

• Shorten the length of labour by 25%
• Reduce the possibility of caesarean section by 51%
• Reduction in analgesia (epidurals) by 35%
• Reduction in use of forceps by 57%
• Reduction in Syntocinon augmentation (drip to initiate or speed up the labour) by 71%

If your partner feels uneasy about the birth or you both feel like you would like some extra guidance and support, then look into a Doula or Independent midwife.

I love Geetha's sharing in this video about how having her own Independant midwife made such a difference to her partner as it took the pressure off him so he could be relaxed and support Geetha in the best way possible”

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