Program Teasers - The Birth Process (Pre-Labour)
What is Pre-Labour and how you can work with it?

The Birth Process (Pre-Labour)


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What is Pre-Labour and how you can work with it?

Pre-Labour is an often misunderstood part of labour. 

It is when the body is ripening and preparing for labour, but isn't actually in the labour process yet. For some this can happen a few weeks before giving birth and for others, it can be a few hours before contractions become steady and regular.

Pre-Labour is a very normal part of the birth process and it can be troublesome for some women if they don't understand what is happening and how to work with it. It is very important to try and downplay the pre-labour as much as you can so you have enough energy and stamina for when Active Labour begins.

Pre-Labour can feel like period cramps or an ache in the lower back. You can have irregular contractions that can stop and start and you may also feel a surge of hormones as your body prepares. The telltale signs of Pre-Labour are contractions that are short in duration and very inconsistent, often with big breaks in between. 

We encourage women to rest, sleep, eat and try to ignore what is happening until there are strong, consistent contractions. Checking in with your care providers at any time is always a good thing to do and often the best advice from caregivers regarding Pre-Labour symptoms is to ride it out and conserve your energy as much as possible.


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