Program Teasers - The Birth Process (Early First Stage)
What to do in early first stage labour.

The Birth Process (Early First Stage)


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What to do in early first stage labour.

Take a look at some ideas about what to do in the Early first stage of Labour.

Usually, around this time your contractions may be more regular, perhaps every seven or eight minutes apart.

You might find that there is more of a pattern happening, as opposed to the Pre Labour signs.

This is a great time to relax. Perhaps practice your breathing with each contraction. Put on a movie, grab a hot pack for your belly or lower back and just rest and be curious.

Resting as much as you can in the early part of labour will ensure that you have fuel in the tank for when Active Labour kicks in. 

This also may be the time to let your support people know that labour is starting to happen and you may even want to call the hospital. We usually don't suggest going to the hospital at this point ( unless you are concerned ) as its often more comfortable to have the early part of labour at home.

You may want to use the shower or go for a gentle walk, but also making sure you have plenty of rest, something to eat and lots of fluids. 


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