Gestation Series - Congratulations, you're at Week 42

Congratulations, you're at Week 42


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This is definitely one of the biggest Interventions used today in Australia's current birth climate.

What was once considered quite normal to be 41 weeks or even 42 weeks overdue is now seen as a problem and women are being Induced earlier and earlier for going 'overdue'.

Our latest Australian statistics report that around 28% of women are Induced to start Labour and another 16% of women are Augmented in Labour using the same drug 'Syntocin" to speed up the contractions. Around 43% of women are having this drug in Labour to help their Uterus contract.

According to the World Health organisation, they recommend that around 10% of women should be having Syntocin in labour.

We often see a classic 'Cascade of Interventions' that can happen when we Induce a labour, so we also recommend doing our research and when choosing an Induction, be sure that it is medically indicated and that you feel comfortable with your decision.

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