Gestation Series - Congratulations, you're at Week 34
Fears in pregnancy and Labour.

Congratulations, you're at Week 34


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Fears in pregnancy and Labour.

Let’s face it, the idea of giving birth is right up there on the list of scary life experiences.

Whether it’s the pain factor or something going wrong with your baby, the anxiety can be very real for any expecting mumma.Our society tends to paint a very scary picture of birth.
Think about how birth is portrayed on TV and all those horror stories women like to share. No wonder you’re freakin’ out!

It's normal for a woman to have some element of fear about the big day. Unknown factors can cause the fear levels to rise. However, fear isn’t all bad. Talking about what scares you creates an opportunity to make choices that can help alleviate those concerns and put in place strategies to help you have a more positive experience.

Check out our You tube video discussing the biggest fears that we hear from women.

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