Gestation Series - Congratulations, you're at Week 32
Exploring Birthplans

Congratulations, you're at Week 32


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Exploring Birthplans

Some people think it is a complete waste of time, but we like to add an alternate view.

Birth plans are not about stating how the birth should go, it is more about what is important to you for the birth.It is a great exercise to get clear on what you want for your labour and also letting your care providers know the main things that are important to you for your birth experience.

Letting them know such things as:

  • Whether you would like drugs offered
  • If you want to use Active BIrth positions
  • Who is to be present for the birth
  • How you would like to manage the delivery of your Placenta
  • What is important to you if needing a Caesarean
  • What aftercare you would like for the Baby

These are just some of the things that women find important when writing a birth plan. Check out the video to learn more about what a birth plan can say and what you may want to include.

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