Gestation Series - Congratulations, You're at Week 16
Pregnancy and sex

Congratulations, You're at Week 16


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Pregnancy and sex

In most circumstances sex is how you made the baby, and hopefully you had a good time doing it! The hormones that help you to orgasm and create a baby are also the hormones we use during labour to help the baby come out. So from beginning to end, sex is relevant.

Sex is something that women can be totally hot for during pregnancy ...or ready to cut off their partner's hands if they're even touched in an intimate way! There is no right or wrong when it comes to sex in pregnancy. Here's a very general rundown of how body states and hormones may influence sex drive during pregnancy:

First Trimester
For most women in the first trimester, they can feel unwell and extremely tired as their body is working very hard to grow a baby. There is a massive surge of hormones in the first three months and women typically don't feel up to having sex.

Second Trimester
By the second trimester, with all the increase in feel-good hormones, women can feel more turned on and up for some intimate time.

Final Trimester
As the third trimester starts to kick in, women can feel heavy and uncomfortable and less likely to want to have sex.

It's important to remember that how a woman feels about sex throughout the pregnancy will be unique to her. For some sex is completely off the cards, while others can't get enough! What we do know is that when a woman orgasms – whether it's at conception, during pregnancy or even in the middle of labour – it does great things for your body and also feels damn good! Check out the video above to learn more about sex in pregnancy. 

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