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Congratulations to Cat and Simon

Welcome, Baby Flynn


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Congratulations to Cat and Simon

Welcome to the newest 'About Birth' baby – Flynn, born on 15th July 2017.

This is the story of our calm birth baby, Mr Flynn Graham Crabb, who arrived at 17:45 on the 15/01/17, at just a smudge over 3kgs. Simon and I are so so happy and we defiantly had the magical journey of the most positive birth experience we could have hoped for!

The birth course and preparation we made for the arrival of Flynn made this experience so magical and smooth. Our pre labour started on Friday night, where I was having consistent 8 min contractions, but because I was so relaxed, I slept in between every contraction, to the point I thought I was having back to back contractions and Simon had to remind me that I was sleeping and they were definitely 8 min apart.... He timed them all through the night

As we made our way into the hospital birth centre the next morning, I had no fear or concerns of the journey to come ahead, as I knew that both Simon and I had prepared for this exact moment, and we had been given these tools and skills through our birth course and training.

As we both ebbed and flowed through each contraction that brought us closer to our soul coming earthside, the calm breaths made it so easy to relax in-between each contraction and relax me enough to feel energised and active throughout my labour.

The birth meditations came to me not only through pre labour but definitely through my established labour. The preparation we made for this day absolutely paid off, as our overall experience was so special, magical and exactly everything we could have wished for!

Even though I wasn't that unicorn that had a completely painless birth or could breath the baby out (I called my tribal women inside who growled our baby into the world in a very deep tribal way!) all the breath work helped calm me during and between contraction enough to calm every cell in my body to do what it knows had to be done, and Simon was just an amazing support. He helped me calm breath every contraction through and move me around.... Just so natural at it!

I also had my best friend there as our Doula, who was absolutely amazing in every single way, helping me and Simon through each contraction breathing with us when things got very intense

Sending our love and again thank you for your birth course and helping make this journey the most beautiful positive experience we could have wished for x️xx

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