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Congratulations to Heather and James

Welcome, Baby Jess


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Congratulations to Heather and James

It’s taken me almost 7 weeks, but I finally, have a moment to send an email (while Jess is asleep and Ella’s having a huge sleep-in!).

After what was a stressful week, Jessica decided to be born via Caesarian on Thursday 25 November. You’ll recall we had a chat on the Monday of that week when I was doing my best to manage James’ anxiety and my own preparation for the birth.

We had my 39-week obstetrician appointment booked for the Thursday morning. She did a scan, and we saw that she was footling breech, and there was not much fluid left around the baby. Our doctor recommended scheduling the C-section for 3 hours later, so we knew there was no time to waste. Initially, I was very upset, but I’d already committed to having a Caesar if the baby was footling or transverse, so within half an hour I had dealt with my emotions, and was ready to have the baby! I was very pleased to not be pregnant anymore, as I have a pretty tough time of it.

So three hours later, we were in the theatre, and 15 minutes after that Jess was born! I felt pretty emotionally switched off from the whole procedure as I spent much of the time trying not to vomit. But apart from nausea, everything went really smoothly, and soon she was wrapped up like a little bug and popped onto my chest. We connected straight away, and as soon as we were out of the theatre I could feed her.

She’s been feeding really well, growing and is becoming really alert and interested in the world. Ella has adjusted remarkably well to having a little sister. She can be quite affectionate and hasn’t been too jealous.

Thanks for all your help getting us through two pregnancies. Your support has been invaluable.

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