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Congratulations to Jane and James

Welcome, Baby Chloe


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Congratulations to Jane and James

"Our baby girl was born on the 3rd May in the most beautiful way possible.

I had a very long pre-labour, having strong Braxton hicks coming and going over a couple of nights, I spent the nights laying in bed listening to my relaxations and focussing on my breathing, it was very challenging.

Then after the second night I had a show and my waters broke, it was such a shock but I was happy things were progressing.  Contractions picked up around lunchtime, James was really good at helping me focus and with drinks and positions.  We had a fantastic Doula Jenna who we had lots of contact within the early stages and she arrived that afternoon.

We spent a few hours labouring at home trying different positions and having that extra support allowed James and I to relax and know that what was happening was 'normal'.  At about 8pm we headed into the hospital and I used the shower and the bath which was amazing and really helped relax me.

I was 7cm when we got to the hospital and Chloe was born in the bathroom just as I got out of the bath at 11.35pm.  I truly believe the breathing and relaxation techniques and the support of our doula really made a difference in helping me relax, trust my body and help our baby girl come into the world.

Thanks so much for the fantastic education you provided."

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