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Congratulations to Lisa and Nick

Welcome, Baby Isla


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Congratulations to Lisa and Nick

Isla's birth story as told by her mother Lisa:

"Our beautiful daughter Isla Elizabeth Ingleby made a very speedy entrance into the world on March 15th at 3:06 am. I was five days over, so on the advice from my obstetrician, I booked in for an induction. I was very torn between being induced or waiting until it all happened naturally. I really wanted a natural birth and this new situation was going against everything I had envisioned. However, in the end, we went with the doctor's advice. 

On Wednesday afternoon we arrived at the hospital and I had a hormonal gel inserted internally to help soften my cervix. This was done twice in the hope that it would soften everything ready for my waters to be broken and the drip the next day. I was advised by both the midwives and my obstetrician that this procedure usually didn’t bring labour on directly, but helped prepare my body for it. My obstetrician was due back the next morning, and he left saying that my baby would most likely be born by dinner time the next day.

At around 7:30 pm I started to get mild Braxton Hicks after the second dose of hormonal gel around. The midwives said this was the sign that everything was softening as planned. By 9:00 pm I was given some painkillers and sleeping pills and told to get some rest. At this point, the contractions were very painful and coming very regularly. My husband was snoring within 10 minutes but the pain was getting worse so I relaxed by listening to some calm birthing meditations. I also used the breathing techniques we learned from About Birth and tried to visualise my body getting ready for the birth of my baby.

At midnight I got up to use the bathroom and my waters broke. I woke my husband and called the midwife in. From then the contractions kicked in full speed and were coming every 1-2 minutes, I used a TENS machine along with my breathing for each contraction counting to 10 with each breath then trying to relax in between. We had the lights dimmed and I was very quiet throughout which I wanted so I could concentrate on my breathing. I very quickly felt the urge to push, and after an examination was told that I was already 8cm dilated. It was 1:30 am and my baby was ready to come. I was then violently sick with every contraction as my body got ready to push. I kept calm and continued to breath with my husband reassuring me and reminding me to breathe deeply. It was then time to push and after half an hour of pushing our beautiful baby girl was born. I tried to use 'feather breathing' whilst pushing but found the deep breathing in for 10 was more effective at helping me push. I had reached such a level of calm that I ended up pulling out my daughter and cutting the umbilical cord myself (my husband is very squeamish so didn’t want to do it)!

The whole experience was incredible, the prenatal classes prepared me with the right frame of mind, empowered me to realise that my body and mind I could do this, which I continuously reminded myself. The breathing techniques worked amazingly and in the end, I was able to have a totally natural birth. I’m so happy and proud of myself and it’s all thanks to Lael and her lessons.

Our daughter Isla is just perfect and we couldn’t be happier."

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