Birth Stories - The journey of the 3rd baby
Beautiful birth story from Mumma Katie.

The journey of the 3rd baby


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Beautiful birth story from Mumma Katie.

Beautiful birth story from Mumma Katie about her 3rd babies journey into the world with the help of our very own Jules Brooks, creator of About Birth. – My 3rd baby Jackson Levi was born into the universe on 17th June just before 8.30pm and this is our story... We were so fortunate to have done a Calm Birth Course with Lael a few years prior to my first son's birth. After the course we decided to hire a private Doula and were so pleased we did as I went on to have a calm birth without intervention. This time, Lael & Jules were able to support us prior to the birth and help me work through any fears I had and provided my husband and I with a refresher on the tools we needed to assist us during this labour. We discussed the support I felt I needed during this labour, this made me feel safe and supported in the weeks leading up to the birth. My husband and I did yoga and calm breathing for most of my pregnancy, I was so ready to have this baby! Around 3am the surges started, they were manageable and about 5-7min apart so I stayed in bed for a few hours and breathed through them. I messaged Jules and we decided it was too early to head to the hospital. The surges slowed down about 6.30am after getting up and moving around which was disappointing! I had an appointment with my OBGYN at 11am at which he did a stretch and sweep. We were one hour away from home and decided to go and have lunch to see if my contractions would fire up again. All this time they were 10-15min apart. My labour didn't progress and we were both tired so we decided to drive home, we were 15min from home when we had to turn around and head back to the hospital as I was 2-3min apart and getting stronger. I leant forward on pillows in the back seat of the car and focused on each wave, breathing deeply. We arrived at the hospital and Jules was not far behind us. My husband and Jules set to work dimming lights, running the shower/bath, putting the lavender oil on and getting some music happening. We ended up filling the bath and I spent most of my time moving from sitting to laying down and floating on my back. There were times when Jules asked if I felt like getting out of the bath and having a walk so I did. I hardly spoke during labour or even made any noise. I was so focused. I focused on breathing, my cervix softening and my beautiful baby moving down to meet us. I felt safe and supported, my team kept me hydrated and kept the bath water warm. The intensity continued to increase and I was beginning to feel my energy drop. I eventually reached a point where I felt I wanted my waters to be broken so my labour would progress quicker. I believe this was probably transition as I was finding it really tough and didn't want it to go on much longer. All the while I remained calm and relaxed into each surge. Jules encouraged me to try and break my own waters, She suggested I should sit on the toilet for a surge and focus on breaking them myself. So I trusted her and sat on the toilet during the next few surges and focused on putting pressure on my waters. The popped and we all looked at each other in disbelief. I'm still amazed!!! The surges changed pretty quickly and I felt my body starting to squeeze the baby down they helped me onto the bed. Leaning on the bed head I was breathing my baby down. It took so much strength and focus just to breath and relax my body. I let my body and my baby do the work. Jules suggested I stand by the bed and let gravity help so I did and it wasn't long before I breathed my baby boy into his Dad's arms while standing up. It was a very quick 2nd stage. I had physiological 3rd stage and was in active labour for just under 8 hours. Such an incredibly empowering experience for my last birth. I couldn't have asked for more. It was so difficult at times but with the most amazing support from my husband and Doula, I felt safe and loved so I was able to move into a space where I could birth my baby. My precious boy was born calmly. I feel it's so important to understand how your body and baby birth and the power of your own mind. I am so grateful for my Husband and Jules who were there for me and helped me have the birth I wanted. #aboutbirthonline #birth #aboutbirthbaby #birthstory #empoweredbirth #positivebirth

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