Birth Stories - Welcome, Baby Noah
Congratulations to Emma and James

Welcome, Baby Noah


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Congratulations to Emma and James

Induction – A Positive Experience

The thought of having an induction terrified me!

I had heard so many negative stories of labour happening really fast and being very painful. I was 10 days overdue and got a lot of pressure from the hospital to have an induction but I really wanted to wait and allow the process to happen naturally.

I was able to get a couple more days but on day 12 I agreed to an induction.

It was an early start, they put the prostaglandin gel in and my partner and I went for a walk but after 4 hours there was no change, so another gel was put in and I had some period type pains but not much more.  We got into a room and then took the next step which was to break my waters.

Apparently, the syntocinon drip is usually put in but we really wanted the opportunity to see if labour would come without it and it did.

I was really active, walking around the room, sitting and bouncing on the ball and contractions started to come, it didn’t feel too fast.

I used the shower, the bath and focussed on my breathing and my partner James was supportive and encouraging. It did get very intense but I never felt like I couldn’t do it.  So 8 hrs after my waters were broken our baby boy Noah was born! A great experience for all of us!

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