Birth Stories - Siblings at birth
Last week, this beautiful family welcomed their second son.

Siblings at birth


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Last week, this beautiful family welcomed their second son.

Big brother was present for the entire birth. I love how kids normalise birth and take it all in their stride. Big brother Harry was well prepared for the birth as they'd watched some videos, read books and talked about how mum might be and the noises she might make in labour. Harry was very interested in the science behind what would happen and said "Oh, he is going to be so cute... once all the amniotic fluid is wiped off". Harry was very keen to be there and knew that he could leave at any time if he wanted. During the birth, Harry went for the odd walk, played on the phone, took some pics of mum, played a few games and occasionally sat beside mum and stroked her hair (mum said she had big oxytocin love rushes when Harry touched her). Harry watched his brother being born with a huge grin on his face and even remarked as the baby was crowning! "He looks like a brussel sprout..." There was so much joy for this family when baby Dusty entered the world. Harry was so thrilled and he was jumping up and down saying "we did it". It was a very precious family moment. Siblings at birth aren't for everyone – but it can often create wonderful bonding for the new sibling. As long as the child is well prepared and there is someone to look after them, most of the time it's a normalised experience. #aboutbirthonline #birth #aboutbirthbaby #birthstory #empoweredbirth #positivebirth #normalisebirth #siblingsatbirth #familylove

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