Birth Stories - Unexpected Orgasmic Birth
Eva’s incredible joyful birth

Unexpected Orgasmic Birth


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Eva’s incredible joyful birth

This is Eva's third birth story, originally posted on OrgasmicBirth.com

"I was 27-years old and pregnant with my third baby. I had planned on giving birth in my own environment, at home again, as I had already birthed my son at home six years before and found the experience on the whole much more relaxing and comfortable. I had experienced a hospital birth with my eldest and had not had a positive experience. On the whole, I found home birth the better environment for me to birth in.

My labour this day began on the most ironic day that it could have possibly been – it was the funeral of my partner at the time’s father. I began to feel contractions when I awoke that day, a slight regular tightening but not painful, so I continued to get ready for the funeral. As we set off driving along the road leading from our house which has lots of speed bumps, I found that every bump set off another contraction. I decided it would be safer if I stayed home and my partner went alone with our two older children.

I returned home and called my mum to come over for support as I didn’t want to be home alone in case labour sped up. I got on with my day quietly at home with my mum doing housework until the rest of the family arrived home from the funeral around 5pm.

My orignal plan was to keep the children home but as labour progressed I found I needed a quiet, still environment with no distraction so I could just be with myself and focus on the job my body had to do. So, mum took the children home with her for the night.

Within half an hour of being alone with just my partner the surges suddenly became intense. I found that the most natural way manage the contractions was to ride them like waves. I immersed my mind as much as I could in journeying up to the clouds and staying up there in my mind, riding each contraction as they came, peaked and went. This labour was the most intense of all three. I just about remember the midwife arriving as I was very much within my own mind.

When the urge to push came, I let go and pushed as the urge told me to. The Third Stage took around 40 to 50 minutes, and it was just as the head crowned and emerged that I suddenly felt a surge of absolute euphoria – the feeling just exploded.

It was the most amazing sensation I had experienced in childbirth; it was unlike a sexual orgasm. I had not experienced it with my previous two births, nor would I with my subsequent birth. I was in such an internal mood after the labour and in awe of the experience of having birthed my beautiful daughter I forgot to ask the midwife present if it was possible for the feeling to have been an orgasm.

A few days later I thought I’d look online to see if any other women had experienced the same and to my surprise and amazement found that it was possible. Amazing! Looking back I am sure the orgasm occurred because I tried to relax as much as possible with meditation, I dismissed any worries as they arose, and I trusted my body. I also feel that it occurred due to the Second Stage having taken as long as it did because the [baby's] head was quite possibly rubbing back and forth for a while on my nerve endings. Had she birthed quicker it may not have allowed me to remain in my meditative state and for the orgasm to intensify as it did.

During my third pregnancy I practised meditation a lot, which definitely enabled me to slip into meditation mode quickly and naturally during labour. I had practised meditation both in a weekly group and almost daily at home often in the bath or in bed before sleeping or just after waking. I had hoped to use meditation during labour and was lucky to have had the chance to use it.

I wondered if it might happen when I had my fourth so I prepared this time with a beautiful shamanic drum beat recorded by a friend that I was going to use to help relax and send me off to the clouds again. But it was not to be. I feel my fourth labour and birth were so quick that I had no time to relax into my mind! My body was speedily doing its job of birthing my baby within two hours, which left no time for me to relax into meditation.

My birthing experiences have all been very different and each one absolutely amazing. I feel absolutely privileged to have had these journeys as I am aware not many women get to experience birth as I have. The orgasmic experience certainly topped the lot – it was such an awesome feeling. What a way for a baby to enter the world—through an orgasm!"


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