Birth Facts - How can you help your body in Labour?
Get moving...

How can you help your body in Labour?


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Get moving...

There are many things a woman can do physically to help her labour progress.

Thanks to modern-day television and a strong media influence on birth, it has become ingrained in many people that woman should be on the bed on their backs when labouring.

This can often be the most painful position to labour in and doesn't do much in helping open the pelvis and utilise gravity to bring the baby down.

Being active, walking, rocking, regular changes of birth positions and going with your body all help your labour progress.

Gravity and movement have a big part to play in helping your baby be in the best position for birth. We usually suggest leaning forward and being upright and interestingly these are the positions that most women instinctively choose.

Instead of laying down on the bed on your back, you can try:

  • Forward leaning over a fit ball or bean bag
  • Sitting on a fitball and moving your hips
  • Labouring in the shower on all fours or sitting on a ball
  • In the bath laying on your side or all fours
  • Standing and swaying
  • Laying on your side with pillows or a peanut pillow between your legs to keep your pelvis open
  • Kneeling on the floor and resting your head and body into your partner who is sitting
  • Labouring on the toilet where you can be upright but also let all the good bodily fluids to come out
  • Going for a walk around the room or labour ward

Our best advice to women is always to trust their bodies and listen to what it is saying. If you want to walk or sway or dance or lean forward or be in the water - then go with that!

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