Birth Facts - The 4 Crucial Steps When Crisis Strikes

The 4 Crucial Steps When Crisis Strikes


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This one is for the partners and support people – when the labouring women hits a crisis point use BRAN to help get things back on track:

B – Breathe
Deep slow breaths in through your nose and out through your nose. Fast rapid breathing through the mother promotes adrenalin into the system and that can make the contractions feel more painful and also create more panic in a woman.

R – Relax
Remind her to relax her body, keep her hands open with palms facing up. Check if her shoulders are soft, and that her legs and feet are not clenching tight. The more relaxed she is the easier it will be to ride out each contraction.

A – Affirm
Words are very powerful for a birthing mother. Remind her what a wonderful job she is doing:

  • "You can do it"
  • "Take each contraction at a time"
  • "I love you" 
  • "You are amazing"
  • "Each contraction is bringing our baby closer"

N – Nurture
Love is very important during birth. The more a woman feels loved the more oxytocin she makes and the better the experience is going to be. If ever there was a time to shower a woman with love, it's now!

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