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Saying the right things can make all the difference

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Saying the right things can make all the difference

There is no doubt that positivity makes a huge difference – especially to a woman in labour. Words of support and reassurance can help a woman to remain calm and persevere through difficult stages of labour.

BellyBelly's article 'What To Say To A Woman In Labour' gives some great suggestions, here are a few of our favourites:

#1: “It’s Safe To Let Go”

It’s not uncommon for a woman to feel fearful at birth. Giving her ‘permission’ to let go may help the uncertainty and fear in her mind.

#2: “You Only Have To Do This One”

Looking at labour as a whole process can be exhausting, especially when you are in it. When a labouring mother seems to be struggling or overwhelmed with the contractions, reminding her to take things one contraction at a time can be helpful, rather than feeling like there’s a long way to go.

#3: “Breathe Right Down Into It, It’s Safe To Go There”

When we are fearful or anxious, our breathing can become shallow. Reminding her to take a deep breath while reinforcing she can let go can help.

#4: “What You’re Doing Is Ancient… Your Mother, Your Grandmother And Your Great Grandmothers All The Way Back Have Done This. They’re All Proud Of You Tonight.”

This is a powerful thing to say to a woman who is working really hard and needing that boost. Reminding her of the power of the women before her, holding her as she births, can be an extra boost of motivation and confidence. It might remind her that she CAN do this too, if she is doubting herself.

#5: “If You’re Doing This Well Now, I Know You’ll Make It Through. Each Sensation Brings You Closer To Holding Your Baby In Your Arms”.

Here are some other motivational words you might like to say. There is nothing like the feeling of being closer to having your baby in your arms, especially when you’re having a long, challenging or tiring labour.

#6: “I’m So Proud Of You. You’re Doing Beautifully”.

Doubts tend to creep into labouring women’s minds. A simple “I’m proud of you” can let her know that those around her think she’s doing an amazing job. Especially if it’s her first birth and she lacks confidence that she’s doing the right thing.

#7: “Let’s Begin This Birth Anew. Just Let Your Breath Wash Away The Past Five Hours And Let’s Begin Now At The Beginning.”

When it’s getting really hard, sometimes helping her to reset and renew the process in her mind may help give her a bit more emotional and physical stamina.

#8: “Breathe Some Good Oxygen Breaths For Your Baby.”

Reminding her that taking big, deep breaths of oxygen for her baby is a great way to help her to remember to breathe deep and relax into herself a little more.

Read the full list of 12 key support phrases here.

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