Birth Facts - Bathtime: A Chance to Bond With Your Baby
A relaxing way to get some quality skin-on-skin time

Bathtime: A Chance to Bond With Your Baby


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A relaxing way to get some quality skin-on-skin time

Bathing your baby can be a beautiful and relaxing experience, but if your baby doesn't like having a bath get in there with them! Hold your newborn on your lap or in your arms and soak in the water together. It's a beautiful way to bond and it can also make your baby feel safer and secure.

You can also bathe after childbirth using special herbs which have restorative properties. Julie Bell from Blissful Herbs makes an array of products that you can use after birth to help with aches and pains. They also provide some much-needed nurture and care for a new mum and baby. For example, the Post Natal Bliss blend is awesome for healing the perineum or caesarean scar after childbirth. 

 Post Natal Bliss herbs may:

  • Reduce swelling & discomfort
  • Prevent infection
  • Provide pain relief for healing tissues and help muscles relax
  • Speed the healing of caesarean & vaginal sutures, and vaginal tears, grazes & 'skidmarks'
  • Relieve perineal bruising and soreness
  • Shrink and heal haemorrhoids. 

The Post Natal Bliss herbs come with a draw-string muslin bag which works like a big tea bag. To enjoy a relaxing herbal soak simply place the herbs in your muslin sachet and add to a warm bath. A herb bath soothes healing tissues and the natural fragrances smell heavenly. Pure bliss for the post-natal woman and the ideal gift for any new mother. These herbs are safe for you to take your little newborn into the bath with for some lovely skin-to-skin cuddles and breastfeeding.

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