Birth Facts - The 3-Day Blues: Nothing to Fear
What are your hormones doing after birth?

The 3-Day Blues: Nothing to Fear


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What are your hormones doing after birth?

At the moment of birth you have high levels of adrenalin in your system, which serves a great purpose – it's keeping you awake, alert and feeling good so you can take care of your baby. This increased level of adrenalin will typically stay in your system for around three days post-delivery.

Around the third day, your adrenalin levels will begin to decrease while the effects of higher prolactin will be felt as your breast milk starts production. When prolactin secretion decreases and your hormone levels change once again, you may feel exhausted, emotional and tender in your body – this is the so-called 3-Day Blues.

A great deal of crying usually happens around this time, which is very normal.We suggest that the 3rd and 4th day of your babies life should be one that is quiet and with minimal visitors. This is a good time to have lots of skin on skin, rest and sleep and cry if you need as your hormones are trying to balance themselves. Feeling upset and emotional around this time doesn't mean you have postnatal depression, it usually just means you need some rest, good food and lots of tender support.

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