Birth Facts - The Truth About Due Dates
What are the chances of my baby arriving on the dot?

The Truth About Due Dates


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What are the chances of my baby arriving on the dot?

What’s interesting to note is that only 2-5% of babies are born on their due date, and around 40% are born in the two weeks after that. In our culture it is common to see the due date like a deadline – if the baby hasn't arrived by then, then it's late and it's time to freak out!

However, the truth is that women have a “due month” and in most cases any time between 37 to 42 weeks is considered a normal timeframe for labour to occur. Remember: it's the baby that initiates the labour, so it's important to wait for the baby to choose when it's ready to be born. A labour that starts naturally is more likely to end naturally, so trusting that your baby knows when to be born can be a good thing.

Of course, if there are medical indications that your baby isn't doing well or that your health is compromised then a medical induction can be the right course of action. We always encourage women to ask questions and be fully informed around due dates, progress and induction.


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