Ask About Birth - When is it OK to Have Sex After Giving Birth?
Answered by Dr Guy Skinner

When is it OK to Have Sex After Giving Birth?


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Answered by Dr Guy Skinner

Having sex after birth varies widely between couples.

It is pretty uncommon before two months postpartum. The risk of uterine infection and causing local trauma should preclude intercourse for at least the whole time a woman is bleeding after birth, which is typically 4-6 weeks.

Remember that contraception is required from this time, as many unexpected pregnancies have resulted from this early time. It is not commonly realised that an egg is released before the first period, and intercourse is a strong physiological stimulus to ovulation.

It also can be a much longer wait to resume having sex if the woman has experienced trauma or is adjusting to becoming a mother. Often women have a low sex drive in the initial postpartum phase as they can be tired, breastfeeding and feel touched out by looking after a baby all the time.

It is important to take it a pace that feels right for you.

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