Ask About Birth - Do I Have to Be on a Bed to Give Birth?
Answered by midwife Jan Ireland

Do I Have to Be on a Bed to Give Birth?


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Answered by midwife Jan Ireland

The short answer is no. Gravity naturally assists the birth process, so being upright and moving around is very beneficial. Often in the second stage of labour women need to try a few different positions to help the baby move through the pelvis. Being in positions where your shoulders and knees are together helps open the pelvis and creates more room.

If you have an epidural, then you will have to be on a bed to birth as you won't have feeling in your legs. In this situation you may choose to lie on your side and have someone hold your leg to help create more pelvic space.

We always encourage women to listen to their bodies and go with what feels best for them. Finding a care provider who encourages active positions when birthing will also assist you greatly.

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