Articles - Normalising the Birth Process for Partners
A testimonial from new dad, David

Normalising the Birth Process for Partners


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A testimonial from new dad, David

"Your About Birth program is so well done. You've done an amazing job! I am not sure if I'm going to be at the birth – but if not, I'll still feel connected to the process. Thank you."

Wonderful feedback from David, who may or may not be at the birth. David said that having an understanding of what might happen and normalising the experience makes it so much easier for him to support the mother of his child.

When a woman feels properly supported it allows her to feel safe and relaxed and often the body works at its most optimal state. There are so many things that partners can do to support a woman in labour. Things such as massage, drinks, change of positions, words of encouragement and bringing a calm, connected presence can do wonders for a labouring woman.

If you're a partner who wants to be engaged and supportive during labour start by getting informed and educated. Knowing what to expect means knowing the things that may assist your expectant partner in birthing the baby with calm and ease.



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