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The communities you should know about

The Good Vibes Around Birth


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The communities you should know about

We have been talking all about positive birth and without a doubt surrounding yourself with a community of people who believe in positive birth makes a difference.

Along with good education and the right care providers we really believe in filling yourself up with good vibes, stories and positive people who all see birth as a normal experience and one to be celebrated, not feared.

Below are a few of these organisations that do wonders for a positive mindset by sharing positive birth stories, as well as factual information on what is possible for birth:

Rockstar Birth Magazine and Podcast

Created by Shalome Stone who was inspired by her own births and a passion to help others have positive births. There are lots of great stories, articles and information here to read over and inspire you. As Shalome says, "I want you to know that the actions you take, and the decisions you make, can positively impact your birth experience. Like a lot. So I created the Rockstar Birth Magazine and then the Rockstar Birth Radio podcast to let you know that you can birth like a rockstar."


Birth Without Fear 

A wonderful resource full of great stories and articles on women's journies through birth. Created by January Harshe, she explains that "Birth Without Fear began as a simple passion to let women know they have choices in childbirth. It then evolved to become an inspiration and support to women and their families through their trying to conceive, pregnancy, birth and post partum journeys."


Positive Birth Movement

This is a global network of free-to-attend antenatal groups linked up by social media. They connect pregnant women together to share stories, expertise, and positivity about childbirth. They aim to challenge the epidemic of negativity and fear that surrounds modern birth and help change birth for the better. The Positive Birth Movement believes that every woman deserves a positive birth. In their own words:

"A positive birth means a birth in which a woman feels she has freedom of choice, access to accurate information, and that she is in control, powerful and respected. A birth that she approaches, perhaps with some trepidation, but without fear or dread, and that she then goes on to enjoy, and later remember with warmth and pride.
A positive birth does not have to be ‘natural’ or ‘drug-free’ – it simply has to be informed from a place of positivity as opposed to fear. The Positive Birth Movement is woman-centered and as such respects a woman’s human right to choose where and how she has her baby."


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