Articles - The Benefits of Natural Induction Massage
More than just a relaxing experience

The Benefits of Natural Induction Massage


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More than just a relaxing experience

We continue our series on alternative therapies during pregnancy – the modality in focus this week is massage. Massage during pregnancy isn't just for relaxation, it can also help induce labour naturally and also to nurture a new mother. Our wonderful friend and colleague Sarah Goldberg from Nurtured Birth in Melbourne shares why induction massage can be so beneficial:

Aside from the fact that it feels great, research shows that regular prenatal massage, as well as induction massage, labour massage and postnatal massage, bring a multitude of physical and emotional benefits to both mother and baby, including less pain, a shorter labour and fewer complications

Should you be overdue and feel uneasy about having a medical induction, a deeply relaxing massage will help prepare your body for birth by encouraging your body and your baby to move into the next stage of labour. Induction massage works by stimulating the following processes:

  • Decreasing your body’s stress hormones (cortisol, adrenaline)
  • Increasing production of oxytocin, the ‘happy’ hormone released when you’re feeling love, ready to birth to your baby, bonding and breastfeeding
  • Stimulating acupressure points which encourage the baby into position, dilation of the cervix and uterine contractions
  • The use of Rebozo – Rebozo is a long soft cotton cloth (scarf) and it can be used in many different ways.  It is mainly used to gently jiggle and rock the mother which can relax tight ligaments, especially in the pelvis area ultimately helping the mother to let go. It can also assist babies to rotate and move deeper into the pelvis

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