Articles - The Healing Power of Shared Stories
Testimonial from a third-time mother

The Healing Power of Shared Stories


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Testimonial from a third-time mother

Some beautiful words from Haylee who wrote to us after reading our stories about traumatic birth and healing:

"Thanks, Lael, for the beautiful story on helping children heal from trauma. I'm sure it took a lot of courage to sit down and write your story – so thank you for sharing it with the world. Many times I've tried to read a traumatic birth story hoping to find some hope and wisdom within it and all too often I stop and don't make it through to the end because I feel like I'm about to explode with mine and the writer's sadness. But yours was different - it gave us all some direction, some guidance, some reassurance - which ultimately is what a lot of mothers in this club need."

Every day we feel grateful that we get to share our stories and experiences from working in birth to help others heal and move on to have positive experiences.

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