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The place to go for information about Pregnancy, Birth and Babies

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The place to go for information about Pregnancy, Birth and Babies

Do you want to know what size you baby is at 12 weeks? Do you want to know more about hyperemesis? Are you curious about what kind of support you may get in hospital? Are you investigating delayed cord clamping? Then Belly Belly is the pace to go.

We first met Kelly, the creator of BellyBelly, during doula training over 10 years ago. Since then she has built BellyBelly into a birth resource that reaches an audience of around 2.5 million parents and parents-to-be each month. The BellyBelly philosophy about feeling more confident, informed and self-assured. It's where thinking women (and men) go to for the best evidence-based pregnancy, birth and parenting information.

BellyBelly is an independent publisher and its authors work in the very industry they write about. This ensures that the site's content remains focused on topics and issues that people really need to know about. Space is also devoted to discussing current areas of debate around the quality of evidence available. BellyBelly has the endorsement of midwives, birth educators, doctors and lactation consultants, as well as other professionals in healthcare and birth.

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