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The guys who make us look good

We Love... Gaál Creative


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The guys who make us look good

We really want to share the talents of Gaál Creative, the brand and digital agency responsible for making all our work look amazing! 

They were responsible for the design and development of our Online Birth Education Program, and provide on-going work to produce all our articles, resources and promotion for our business. The studio specialises in branding, design, software and websites. Their professionalism and execution of all their projects is first class.

In the years we have been working together, the boys at Gaál have learnt more about childbirth than I think they ever cared to know about. The upshot is they can tell you all about the skills that everyone should know like dilation, second stage pushing and how to breathe a baby out!

We want to say such a big thank you to them for all the hard work they do and for their continuing belief in our project. We couldn't recommend them highly enough!

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