Advice - There's No Such Thing as the 'Perfect Mother'
Learning to embrace it all

There's No Such Thing as the 'Perfect Mother'


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Learning to embrace it all

Some very good advice from new mum Fiona as she shares her insights about the 'Perfect Mother' syndrome.

Fact: there is no such thing as the perfect mother and setting this expectation for yourself always leads to disappointment. This is particularly true for first-time mothers – remember: you aren't supposed to know what you're doing. Trial and error is how you learn to become a mother and trust your intuition.

It's important that you keep an open mind regarding how you raise your baby. For example, some newborns may need lots of close physical contact while others are content to be put down. Paying attention, learning about your baby and adjusting the way you mother accordingly is very important and leads to harmony for the both of you!

During early parenthood (and indeed beyond) everything stems from this golden rule: connection is the priority. Staying connected to your baby and tuning into their needs is the first step in learning to be a wonderful mother.

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